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Benefits of the EatLocal System

Why our customers (farmers) and their customers (consumers) prefer the EatLocal system:

  • Farmers receive a much higher percentage of what customers pay, compared to 10% to 28% that they usually get.

  • Ease in verifiability of source – Farm visits are scheduled for participation from the community, adding to digital traction on happenings at the farm.

  • Reduced food miles – The farms are located within 150 km of the consumer.

  • Increased # touch points through the customer journey – Reduces gap between supply and demand, prevents wastage of perishables.

  • Access to the local, unorganized and unbranded market – Promoting forgotten foods creatively to suit the taste of the next generation, popularizing recipes made with native ingredients to help increase farmers’ income.

  • Social impact in alignment to UN SDG 12 – Mapping sustainable production to responsible consumption. As per surveys, more than 90% of millennial consumers are aligned to social impact. Opportunities to do good, increased awareness for responsible consumption.