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Krishna McKenzie’s Solitude

Located near the Visitor’s Centre in Auroville is Solitude Farm, a living example that nature and humans can live in harmony. When we arrived there to meet Krishna McKenzie, one of the young Aurovillians who established this in 1996, we were delighted to see the farm-forest in all its glory. Krishna had first come to India in 1990 as part of a school trip from Brockwood, a school started by Jiddu Krishnamurti in U.K. He found his teacher Fukuoka, while working in the garden of Brockwood, and eventually made his way back to India, trying to find a way of living [...]

Why should anyone care about ‘food miles’?

Firstly, what is this term, 'food miles'? Very simply put, it is the number of miles or kilometres that a food grain or a processed food has travelled from where it has been grown or produced to come to our plate. When I think of this concept or term, a story comes to mind- On the highway somewhere near Anantpur (in Andhra Pradesh, between Telangana and Karnataka), two trucks collided. Unfortunately, both the drivers passed away on the spot and the highway was blocked for some time. And there were tomatoes every where! Both the trucks were full of tomatoes- one [...]

Of love and all its forms

There is a very simple truth to our being - that which we love, we ache to touch with our bare hands. A woman, a man, an animal – wherever there is love, there is a longing to connect, to feel, to somehow overcome separation. But are these the only forms that love takes to reach us? Imagine something as simple as a single grain of rice on your plate. Now consider the journey it has made to be there. For month’s it had stayed buried under the Earth, held its breath under water, been hacked at and thrashed. Stayed in [...]