It’s a Nature’s Treat!

Carving its way through the city traffic, as my cab stopped at my destination for the day, a smiling Mr Karthik Raman welcomed me to his small paradise where Nature offers its pretty trinkets in forms of herbs and greens. Nature’s Treat is an organic farm situated in the outskirts of Bengaluru city. Founded by Karthik, who has a master’s in hospitality from Leeds University, UK and a 12 year extensive experience in gourmet cuisine and hospitality, Nature’s Treat delivers the nutrition of organically grown vegetables right at the door-steps of its 330+ subscribers. A conversation which followed with Karthik and [...]

Food for thought

Siddharth Agarwal has been walking the length and breadth of India from close to a decade now. His most ambitious walk has been the Ganga walk where he along with a few others during different legs walked 2500km from where the ganges meets the ocean to its source in Gangotri... Following is a rumination around food from this experience... As a nice little thought experiment, think of ‘food’ and try to trace the first accompanying thought or memory that pops up in your brain (or taste buds). Walking thousands of kilometres across India without a tangible support mechanism invites various questions [...]

A Day As A Peach Picker In Himachal Pradesh

The quest to understand the source of the food we eat took me to Rajgarh, Himachal Pradesh. This town in Sirmaur Valley is famous as the Peach Bowl of India. 80% of all peaches produced in India are grown in Rajgarh. Here I found work as a peach picker for a day and got to learn many things about this delicious summer fruit. About The Fruit Peaches are an ancient fruit, believed to have originated over four thousand years ago in China(1). They go so long back in China, that they have a special place in Chinese folklore. Travellers would carry sticks made of peach wood that could ward off evil spirits. They were also [...]

Of love and all its forms

There is a very simple truth to our being - that which we love, we ache to touch with our bare hands. A woman, a man, an animal – wherever there is love, there is a longing to connect, to feel, to somehow overcome separation. But are these the only forms that love takes to reach us? Imagine something as simple as a single grain of rice on your plate. Now consider the journey it has made to be there. For month’s it had stayed buried under the Earth, held its breath under water, been hacked at and thrashed. Stayed in [...]

Sanjha Chullah – Food & Community in North India

"I think the best memories I have are from the times when I would see all the women cook together”, my aunt said. And the story she told me is how I came to know about Sanjha Chullah. Sanjha Chullah is the age-old tradition, in Punjab, of setting up communal ‘tandoor’ or oven that families could make their food in. It was a practice originally started by the Sikh spiritual teacher Guru Nanak Dev Ji in the Punjabi villages of Pakistan to provide relief to the poor, as not everyone could afford an oven to make their bread. A communal oven [...]