There is a very simple truth to our being – that which we love, we ache to touch with our bare hands. A woman, a man, an animal – wherever there is love, there is a longing to connect, to feel, to somehow overcome separation. But are these the only forms that love takes to reach us?

Imagine something as simple as a single grain of rice on your plate. Now consider the journey it has made to be there. For month’s it had stayed buried under the Earth, held its breath under water, been hacked at and thrashed. Stayed in the darkness of musty warehouses, travelled distances, labelled, tagged. It has joyfully taken all of that and much more for one simple reason – to be with you, then overcome all separation and Be You. So simple is the culmination to its entire journey, the fulfilment to its entire being – You.

Would it be then wrong to say that this grain of rice has been in love with you forever?

We’ve heard stories of true love, love that’s supremely sacrificing, love that only seeks true union.

We’ve all secretly searched for it. And it is here, all along, surrounding us, in forms as simple as a grain of rice, a blooming flower, a soothing breeze, as the warm rays of the Sun.

If today we chose to take a second look. Observe everything that has come to us. See it not just in its finality, but also for its journey, will we not find true love? Is it not a wonderful thought, that the entirety of life, loves you so unconditionally, so completely, that it attempts to reach you in all manners possible.

That maybe all Life is, is a play to uncover more and more of those forms that love has taken to reach you. And that with each form that you uncover, love comes rushing at you – pure, abundant, fulfilling.