Farm Fresh fruits and vegetables, a live kitchen for you to enjoy meals which are being prepared from organic ingredients, some medicinal herbs to cure your ailment and a lot more.

This is what you can expect at Delhi Organic Farmers’ Market that takes place every Sunday at The Park Hotel in Connaught Place.

The Delhi Organic Farmers’ Market is the oldest organic farmers’ market and has been running since 2013. It is also the only market that is run by farmers and primary producers.

The Market has around five farmers on board, from different parts of the country – one from Himachal, another from Rajasthan among others, all of who travel every week with products from their farm every Sunday. The market is a way for consumers to meet and interact with the growers of their food, without any intermediary in between.

I got a chance to experience the market and also interact with Sneh, the woman behind Delhi Organic Farmers’ Market, where we spoke not only about the farmers’ market, but also about the importance of organic produce.

The idea is to encourage people to transition towards organic produce, which not only has great health benefits due to the consumption of products which are unadulterated but also to help the local farmers sustain and grow without a trader in between.

Here is everything you need to know about the market:

What all can you get?

At the market, you will find a wide range of options. Beyond fruits and vegetables, you will also find organic ghee, spices, milk, hair oil, skin care products, and medicinal herbs.

One of the stalls which caught my attention was the one selling ‘medicinal herbs’ with infused tribal wisdom. They had ‘Knee Pods’ to strengthen bones and knee joints, something that is used by nomadic tribes to prevent bone decay. They had many other infused herbs for different purposes like immunity and energy boost.

For someone who is trying them for the first time, they have three different packaging options available, from a small trial pack to a family pack.

A live cooking station

A stroll through this small market and I realised that it is not just a place where you go and shop, it is a place with a purpose. A very refreshing element of the market was its  live cooking station where one could enjoy local dishes made of fresh supplies, which results in an exchange of local recipes which we otherwise may be unaware of.

They put up details about their weekly menu on their Facebook Page every week, and you can have freshly cooked breakfast at the market itself while you’re getting yourself some supplies for the week.

A transition towards organic

The weekly market is a medium to create a bridge between farmers and consumers through which people are being made aware of the benefits of organic produce, and eventually creating a cycle in which the consumers are well informed about their produce, where it is coming from, its benefits.

To create that awareness, the Delhi Farmers’ Organic Market has also hosted events in the past like ‘Rice Up’, an event wherein farmers from different parts of the country showcased over 30 varieties of rice.

Some other events include the Pre-Winter Organic Produce Harvest, Spring Festival, wherein people can eat dishes made with organic produce with other elements of celebration, resulting in a festival revolving around organic food.
All these events create awareness and ignites conversations around organic produce.

Overall, the market was an interactive experience with live food stations, farmers telling you about how everything was made, and all your queries being answered patiently.

A few hours at the market and a conversation with Sneh was not only informative but also invoking, which shook some convenient food consumption patterns.

The market opens every Sunday from 9 in the morning till noon, and if you want to know more about the market or stay updated on their events, you can follow them here.