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How farming to find a cure for cancer led to the beginning of Kedia Organics

For any Mumbaikar, it is a task to travel to the outskirts of the city in Kalyan. But we were keen on meeting Kedia Organics, one of the key organic food producers for Mumbai. The seeds for Kedia Organics were sown by Dinesh Kedia and is currently being taken forward by his son, Nitin Kedia. It was back in the 90s when the Kedia family bought a piece of land in Kalyan, near Mumbai. It was in the middle of nowhere at that time and not much thought had gone in to what would be done on the land. “We started [...]

It’s a Nature’s Treat!

Carving its way through the city traffic, as my cab stopped at my destination for the day, a smiling Mr Karthik Raman welcomed me to his small paradise where Nature offers its pretty trinkets in forms of herbs and greens. Nature’s Treat is an organic farm situated in the outskirts of Bengaluru city. Founded by Karthik, who has a master’s in hospitality from Leeds University, UK and a 12 year extensive experience in gourmet cuisine and hospitality, Nature’s Treat delivers the nutrition of organically grown vegetables right at the door-steps of its 330+ subscribers. A conversation which followed with Karthik and [...]